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World of Induction


There are many factors that influence the success of development projects, the ability to find the best suppliers in global procurement and the availability of technologically leading production partners. In the "World of Induction", KUK reports on current trends in the production of winding goods and electronics. There are also tips to help developers and buyers in their daily work.


As an automation engineer I have found my dream job

Gabriel Scheifele is one of the KUK engineers who has moved his workplace to the new Technology Centre in Appenzell (Switzerland). What the automation engineer appreciates about his work - designing machines - is the great variety, the high level of responsibility and the short decision-making processes.

Insulation layer on magnet wires: A common stumbling block for engineers

In coil production, the insulation of the wire has an influence on a wide variety of product properties such as application range, service life, costs or coil design. Wire insulation also has an effect on various factors during coil manufacturing, such as scrap or further processing. This article summarises the essential facts about wire insulation - and its effect on coil design - for engineers.

Different purchasing concepts at a glance

In the ever-changing landscape of modern markets, the procurement of goods and primary products for in-house production has become vital to business success. Developing the right sourcing strategy based on existing concepts is a crucial task for management, and only customized procurement can ensure future success.

No series production without tools

In today's tumultuous supply chain landscape, companies are struggling to maintain their footing. Yet, the ability to quickly establish a series production for customised coil manufacturing can be a game-changer. Of course, the key to successful series production lies in having the right tools. At KUK Group, we understand this better than anyone, which is why we predominantly manufacture our ...