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World of Induction


There are many factors that influence the success of development projects, the ability to find the best suppliers in global procurement and the availability of technologically leading production partners. In the "World of Induction", KUK reports on current trends in the production of winding goods and electronics. There are also tips to help developers and buyers in their daily work.


The guide to supply management

Procurement strategy is a vital component for business success and should be viewed as the key to successful products. It enhances efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately leads to more success. By employing a sustainable and well-structured procurement strategy, you can overcome any future challenges that may arise.

Reasons for and ways of coping with material shortages in semiconductors

The semiconductor industry is grappling with a major issue – material shortages, which can be attributed to the growing demand for advanced technologies in mobile phones and solar cells. This surge in demand has resulted in the need for more materials than ever before, causing significant impacts on the automotive industry. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the causes of these ...

Does it pay off to procure electronics only in Europe?

With the electronics supply chain facing bottlenecks and logistical challenges, Europe is shifting towards regional procurement to address the supply gap issue. However, the real question remains on how to counter this gap in the long run. While globally positioned manufacturers have the advantage of flexibility in terms of supply security, the focus should not be on Asia or Europe, but on Asia ...

No series production without tools

In today's tumultuous supply chain landscape, companies are struggling to maintain their footing. Yet, the ability to quickly establish a series production for customised coil manufacturing can be a game-changer. Of course, the key to successful series production lies in having the right tools. At KUK Group, we understand this better than anyone, which is why we predominantly manufacture our ...