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What is the advantage of orthocyclic windings?

Orthocyclic coils are characterised by a high copper fill factor (often approx. 70%), so that a comparatively high magnetic field is realised in the smallest possible space.

Orthocyclic coil winding (cross-section)
With this technology, we achieve a coil with the ‘densest possible stacking’ of windings. A transverse section of an orthocyclic coil would have a honeycomb shape. An orthocyclically wound coil is produced with self-bonding wire. The thermal layer is heated during the winding process, thus bonds with the surrounding windings and subsequently hardens. To increase the fill factor even more, it's also possible to wind with thin copper and aluminium foil of 50 µm.

Properties of orthocyclic coils

  • High Q-factor
  • Self-supporting, without a coilformer carrier
  • Maximum fill factor with minimum dimensions
  • Low coverage in self-induction and capacity
  • Good heat conduction
  • Regular distribution of the field strength
  • Vibration-proof

Our engineer Yuri is happy to show you an example of an orthocyclic wound coil:

In terms of the form factor, coils can be round, oval, square, rectangular or even bent.

orthocyclic coilsorthocyclic coilsorthocyclic coils

KUK Group is an expert at winding coils orthocyclically. The overmoulding of coils (IP68) under vacuum with epoxy is also one of our specialities. Our product team is happy to offer any advice for your development projects!

Questions about orthocyclic windings?