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KUK Group is a supplier of magnetic coils and electronics. We focus our activities on the needs of our customers. We maintain courteous and fair business relations with our customers. Our success is based on the success of our customers. We do our utmost to amaze our customers with products of perfect quality, neatly packaged and delivered on time. Quality, delivery date and price are the main criteria. Meeting a seamless customer satisfaction is our benchmark and motivation. We set ourselves goals, monitor them and constantly improve. A zero-defect strategy helps us to achieve it.


Mutual respect, tolerance and friendly interaction form the basis of our daily co-existence. Constructive cooperation is the basis of our success. We think and act with the future in mind and are always open to new ideas.


We shape our relationships with our suppliers in the same way as we expect our customers to treat us.


The protection of the environment is of great concern to us and is therefore a management principle. Already during the development of products and processes we pay attention to environmental criteria. We avoid wasting material and thus protect our environment. We constantly measure and improve our environmental behaviour.


All efforts to improve occupational safety and health protection are based on the ethical and moral obligation to protect all employees from physical and mental harm caused by accidents or illness. We ensure this through ongoing training, as well as periodic inspections and maintenance of workplaces, facilities and operating equipment.